We Believe all Rapist Should Be Killed

Rapist in this context includes all level and type of rapist including child molesters, non-consensual sex, male and female rapist and etc. They should be killed as in they should be punish with the uttermost punishment that is capital punishment when proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. A number of people may disagree with capital punishment for rapist saying that rapist should be classified to specific type. Some states in the America like Illinois only practice capital punishment for child rapist while the maximum sentence for the typical rapist is life imprisonment. While more and more states are turning to capital punishment as an answer for rape and sex abuse cases, more and more non government organization are screaming human rights and label capital punishment as barbaric and uncivilized. While this may be true to some, it’s also unjust and cruel to the victims and their family to just let rapists go off with a just a slap on the wrist.


Laws are made and change to the preference and acceptance of the people of a nation at a specific time. While the people may believe in rehabilitation some time ago, more and more people today believe rehabilitation does not work under current status quo where people are corrupted with porn and where excess to sexual material is easier and where sex education is seen as a laughing stock for teenagers due to the fact that they are more exposed than what we’re teaching them at school. So the question remains, is it in general acceptance to kill rapist? There have been more than many precedence in recent years where juries (seen here as voice of the people) put their preference on the suffering of the victims to the rights of a human. The popular view today is, one lose his/her rights when they agitate the rights of other.


In United States, there was a case involving a home invasion by a man with intent to rape the homeowner. The homeowner manages to defend herself by swinging a knife towards the home invader which results in the death of the intent-rapist. The state charge the homeowner with 1st degree murder but then dismissed the charges when the juries rule in favor of the homeowner. The defense was, intent to rape is similar to intent to kill and it was the right of the homeowner to defend herself against anything that she felt harmful to her well being. With this and a whole lot of precedence, we can conclude that it is in the benefit of the people for the state to kill all convicted rapist on their 1st offence as the well being of majority trumps the right of one to live.

-faruqi nasseri- provoking the minds for a better tomorrow