We Believe all Rapist Should Be Killed

Rapist in this context includes all level and type of rapist including child molesters, non-consensual sex, male and female rapist and etc. They should be killed as in they should be punish with the uttermost punishment that is capital punishment when proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. A number of people may disagree with capital punishment for rapist saying that rapist should be classified to specific type. Some states in the America like Illinois only practice capital punishment for child rapist while the maximum sentence for the typical rapist is life imprisonment. While more and more states are turning to capital punishment as an answer for rape and sex abuse cases, more and more non government organization are screaming human rights and label capital punishment as barbaric and uncivilized. While this may be true to some, it’s also unjust and cruel to the victims and their family to just let rapists go off with a just a slap on the wrist.


Laws are made and change to the preference and acceptance of the people of a nation at a specific time. While the people may believe in rehabilitation some time ago, more and more people today believe rehabilitation does not work under current status quo where people are corrupted with porn and where excess to sexual material is easier and where sex education is seen as a laughing stock for teenagers due to the fact that they are more exposed than what we’re teaching them at school. So the question remains, is it in general acceptance to kill rapist? There have been more than many precedence in recent years where juries (seen here as voice of the people) put their preference on the suffering of the victims to the rights of a human. The popular view today is, one lose his/her rights when they agitate the rights of other.


In United States, there was a case involving a home invasion by a man with intent to rape the homeowner. The homeowner manages to defend herself by swinging a knife towards the home invader which results in the death of the intent-rapist. The state charge the homeowner with 1st degree murder but then dismissed the charges when the juries rule in favor of the homeowner. The defense was, intent to rape is similar to intent to kill and it was the right of the homeowner to defend herself against anything that she felt harmful to her well being. With this and a whole lot of precedence, we can conclude that it is in the benefit of the people for the state to kill all convicted rapist on their 1st offence as the well being of majority trumps the right of one to live.

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Its been a while since i last updated my blog, due to personal and insignificant reasons. But alot had happened during these past few months, hearts were broken, MP died, bullets sent to home, government toppled and so much more. More importantly, things that shaped the world and nation to what it is today is happening faster than anyone of us could grasp.

On another life changing and happier note, i am please to announce that I’ll be flying to Indonesian Aerospace in Bandung come 20th April to pursue my internship for 3 months or more. It’s one of the most advance Aerospace facility in the region. Home to aerospace military research centre, experimental aircraft, guided missile and so much more. So i was told…

But all and all, im happy to be learning from some of the greatest mind in the industry. People asked, why Bandung, isn’t there any place that offers a better pay and safer environment? Well that is just it. I’ll be working there with no pay, living on own dime, and risking life in a country with unstable politics and unstable volcanoes… and its damn fun and thrilling. Sort of a training ground before going to more exciting places like Darfur and Myanmar. 

Apart from that, i felt that i need to leave the country for a while be it only to a neighbouring country thats an hour away. Too much pain and dissappointment here, cant bare witnessing my own countrymen fighting each other over power while the rest of the world just look and laugh at us…sigh

Oh, and maybe a failed relationship also contributed a little bit…

I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer eversince i watch the first episode of The Practice and became obsess with Boston Legal, but the wind decide to sail me to another direction, but my passion in law stood still. I’ve always respect the character in Boston Legal name Danny Crane, he’s a maverick, in your face kinda guy, and i-can-fart-anywhere-i-want-because-i’m-that-important kinda guy. Never thought there would be anyone remotely real to this character, until i got to know the existence of the boss of the biggest law firm in Malaysia. Zaid Ibrahim of ZIco a few years back, when he made some noise in Umno Kelantan.

After the PRU, i was shocked when Pak Lah announce Zaid Ibrahim as one of his chosen Senator, and to hold the position of Law minister. That time i thought, ok its either Pak lah really wanna do the right thing in reforming the judicial system and cleansing the country from corruption or maybe Zaid Ibrahim is not the really The Man.zaid1

Thanks to the awesomeness of Pak lah, we didnt need long to find out what’s really going on. First Zaid make outragous and damaging (but true)statement against then BN government, demanding the gov to do the right thing on the Tun Salleh Abbas & the geng case. Then some noise here and there, till he made his ultimatum during the ISA fiasco. Then bravely he quit from his post before being sacked from UMNO after the ‘public flirtation’ with Pakatan Rakyat. And yesterday he made a really awesome straight forward comment…

Zaid made the remarks during a question-and-answer session at a Bar Council dinner commemorating World Human Rights Day held at a restaurant in Sri Hartamas last night.

A participant had asked his rationale for joining Umno when he knew the party has long been associated with allegations of human rights abuses.
“We all make mistakes in life,” he said, to laughter from the floor.

“It wasn’t easy for me to resign, I think you all know why I did it, I had no choice. I could not be part of a government that makes those decisions. I felt that it was wrong for me to be a part of the team that makes that kind of decision,” he said.
“Sometimes people are confronted with a situation where they have to make a decision. Some people may disagree, but that’s my decision.”

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The recent tragedy that struck the country was a landslide after a period of long rainy days. 14 bungalows destroyed and a lot more declared not save causing more than 5000 people became homeless at Bukit Antarabangsa. The rescue mission is still undergoing but at the same time the debate on whose to blame started moments after they reported the landslide.

The former Selangor state gov lead by Khir Toyo are blaming the now PKR lead state gov for the tragedy. Newspaper and all BN controlled media are reporting similar stories. Well if now is the right time to blame anybody, i would say blame the developer and the past government for approving all the hillside projects. And i know its kinda heartless but i say hell yeah, blame the homeowners also. Honestly you can see how steep your houses are, they’re like hanging on the edge of the cliff. If the state gov and developers then were too blind or stupid to see it, i think being an educated group of people (assumption base on the price tag of the houses they can afford), they can make a better judgement on the safety conditions of the area.

But that just one man opinion, i’m sure most of us are thinking the same thing,hehe.

Just to be fair, a quote from Nik Nazmi

“Pada 2 April 2008, beberapa minggu selepas Pakatan Rakyat membentuk Kerajaan Negeri yang baru, Exco mengambil keputusan menghentikan kelulusan projek-projek baru di kecerunan 3 dan 4 (melebihi 20 darjah) di seluruh negeri Selangor.

Keputusan tersebut mendapat kritikan daripada pemaju dan juga pihak-pihak lain yang mengatakan Kerajaan Negeri Selangor anti-pembangunan. Tetapi tragedi terbaru ini mengingatkan kita bahawa ketamakan terhadap keuntungan akan membawa kesan teruk kepada orang ramai.”

Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad merupakan Setiausaha Politik kepada Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Dato’ Khalid Ibrahim dan Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Seri Setia. Nik Nazmi menganggotai Parti Keadilan Rakyat sejak tahun 2005 dan kini merupakan Exco Angkatan Muda Keadilan Malaysia dan Naib Ketua Angkatan Muda Keadilan Kelana Jaya.

In case you dont know…

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In the earlier post, the rocket dude posted a wishlist that consist of an Apple iPhone as one of the item…

And we are glad to announce that his wish came true. The rocket dude now is one of the proud owner of an Apple iPhone, and he couldn’t be happier.

The Rocket dude speaks:

First of all, i’m not anti-gov nor opp, but i’m just anti stupidity and ignorant. People of the world are watching for God’s sakes. Cant this minister at least be calm and not to say stupid things. Al-Jazeera also interviewed Jeff Ooi and Dato’ Sri Anwar Ibrahim regarding the same issue. I’m not gonna say much but i think it shows how corrupted the Malaysian election. Come on, if it wasn’t corrupted, do you honestly believe, the Malaysian people will elect THIS guy a leader…

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Below is a transcript of the telephone interview that Malaysia’s Minister of Information Zainuddin Maidin (ZAM) gave to the Doha-based TV Network Al-Jazeera (AJ), moments after the BERSIH memo was delivered to Royal Palace at the close of the biggest anti-government protest in Malaysia in ten years. (reproduced from www.idlethink.com/bersih )

Related article: “
Zainuddin Maidin’s criticism of Aljazeera

The transcript below of the interview (as close as it can be transcribed from the ramblings of the Information Minister):

ZAM: ….I commend your journalists trying to project, to exaggerate more than what actually happened. That, that, that, that’s it. We, we are not, the, the — and I, I congratulate your journalists behaving like an actor, that, that’s —

AJ: As you say that, sir, we’re watching scenes of protesters being sprayed by chemical-filled water …

ZAM (interrupts): Ya, I am watching, I hear, [?] …. trying to do it everywhere but in Malaysia people are allowed, to, you know [?] … Police have allowed the procession to go to the Istana Negara, you know, do police, first police, like, they handle them, they [?] them, they … the police don’t, don’t, don’t fire anybody …

AJ: Our correspondent came back to the office, sir, with chemicals in his eyes!

ZAM (speaking over her): … You, you, you, you are here with the idea, you are trying to project, what is your mind, you think that we are Pakistan, we are Burma, we are Myanmar, everything you, you are thinking

AJ: Well unfortunately when you refuse to let people protest, it does appear so.

ZAM (speaking over her): …Ya, ya, we are not like you, you have early perception, you come here, you want to project us like undemocratic country. This a democratic country!

AJ: So why can’t people protest then, if it’s a democratic country?

ZAM (interjects at “protest then”): Ya, people protest, people then — first they protest, we are allowing protests, and they have demonstrated. But we just trying to disperse them and then later they, you know, disperse, but later our police compromise. They have compromised and allowed them to proceed to Negara. Police, our police have succeeded in handling them gently, right? Why do you report that and you take the opposition, someone from opposition party you ask him to speak, you don’t take from the government, right?

AJ: Why did you not break up these protesters —

ZAM (interrupting): Pardon? Pardon? Pardon?

AJ: Why did you not break up these protests more peacefully?

ZAM: I can’t hear you. I can’t hear you.

AJ: Why did you not break up these protests more peacefully?

ZAM: No we, we are, we, this protest is illegal. We don’t want, this, the, normally … (slight pause, then continues to talk while she interjects)

AJ (interjecting): OK, so let me return to my former question. Why is this protest illegal?

ZAM (babbling on): Ya it’s illegal protest because (AJ: Why?) we have the election in Malaysia. It’s no, no point on having the protest, we are allowing to have every, an election every five years, never fail. We not our like, are not like Myanmar, not like other country. And, and you are helping this. You Al-Jazeera also is helping this, this forces, the, you know, these forces who are not [?], who don’t believe in [?] …

AJ (seems to want to say something, but decides not to): I don’t … many thanks for joining us.

ZAM: I don’t, ya, you, Jazeera, this is, is Al-Jazeera attitude. Right?

(she doesn’t reply. In the background, the chants of the protesters fill the silence)

And below the interview with Jeff Ooi and Anwar Ibrahim

(Anwar look more confident and calm)

(Jeff Ooi responds to Zam’s interview)

Malaysia ranked number 49 while our neighbour, Singapore  ranked number 6 !!! And guess where’s the most powerful nation ranked, USA ranked 37 !!!! just slightly better than Slovenia and Cuba. We know HMO is the main problem for USA. But what is our excuse??? If our neighbour can provide holistic health plan for their people, why cant we do the same.  Looking at the top 10 countries, surprised us. Does higher ranking means less sick people and lower means more sick people?? well not really, the top 10 countries may have equivalent total of sick people as the country ranked last, but they differ in the quality of their health plans. It’s a frightening fact to read about people getting kick out of hospital just because they don’t have health insurance or money.

Since when money became the object in saving life ??!! Since when do we have price tags on our asses ??!! It’s a disgrace to the very foundation of human rights.

Ask ourselves this “Can we fathom such  atrocity ???!!!”

  Rank       Country

1         France
2         Italy
3         San Marino
4         Andorra
5         Malta
6         Singapore
7         Spain
8         Oman
9         Austria
10        Japan
11        Norway
12        Portugal
13        Monaco
14        Greece
15        Iceland
16        Luxembourg
17        Netherlands
18        United  Kingdom
19        Ireland
20        Switzerland
21        Belgium
22        Colombia
23        Sweden
24        Cyprus
25        Germany
26        Saudi Arabia
27        United  Arab  Emirates
28        Israel
29        Morocco
30        Canada
31        Finland
32        Australia
33        Chile
34        Denmark
35        Dominica
36        Costa Rica
37        United  States  of  America
38        Slovenia
39        Cuba
40        Brunei
41        New Zealand
42        Bahrain
43        Croatia
44        Qatar
45        Kuwait
46        Barbados
47        Thailand
48        Czech Republic
49        Malaysia
50        Poland
51        Dominican Republic
52        Tunisia
53        Jamaica
54        Venezuela
55        Albania
56        Seychelles
57        Paraguay
58        South     Korea
59        Senegal
60        Philippines
61        Mexico
62        Slovakia
63        Egypt
64        Kazakhstan
65        Uruguay
66        Hungary
67        Trinidad and Tobago
68        Saint     Lucia
69        Belize
70        Turkey
71        Nicaragua
72        Belarus
73        Lithuania
74        Saint Vincent  and the   Grenadines
75        Argentina
76        Sri  Lanka
77        Estonia
78        Guatemala
79        Ukraine
80        Solomon   Islands
81        Algeria
82        Palau
83        Jordan
84        Mauritius
85        Grenada
86        Antigua   and Barbuda
87        Libya
88        Bangladesh
89        Macedonia
90        Bosnia-Herzegovina
91        Lebanon
92        Indonesia
93        Iran
94        Bahamas
95        Panama
96        Fiji
97        Benin
98        Nauru
99        Romania
100       Saint Kitts and Nevis
101       Moldova
102       Bulgaria
103       Iraq
104       Armenia
105       Latvia
106       Yugoslavia
107       Cook Islands
108       Syria
109       Azerbaijan
110       Suriname
111       Ecuador
112       India
113       Cape Verde
114       Georgia
115       El   Salvador
116       Tonga
117       Uzbekistan
118       Comoros
119       Samoa
120       Yemen
121       Niue
122       Pakistan
123       Micronesia
124       Bhutan
125       Brazil
126       Bolivia
127       Vanuatu
128       Guyana
129       Peru
130       Russia
131       Honduras
132       Burkina   Faso
133       Sao Tome and Principe
134       Sudan
135       Ghana
136       Tuvalu
137       Ivory Coast
138       Haiti
139       Gabon
140       Kenya
141       Marshall Islands
142       Kiribati
143       Burundi
144       China
145       Mongolia
146       Gambia
147       Maldives
148       Papua New Guinea
149       Uganda
150       Nepal
151       Kyrgystan
152       Togo
153       Turkmenistan
154       Tajikistan
155       Zimbabwe
156       Tanzania
157       Djibouti
158       Eritrea
159       Madagascar
160       Vietnam
161       Guinea
162       Mauritania
163       Mali
164       Cameroon
165       Laos
166       Congo
167       North Korea
168       Namibia
169       Botswana
170       Niger
171       Equatorial Guinea
172       Rwanda
173       Afghanistan
174       Cambodia
175       South     Africa
176       Guinea-Bissau
177       Swaziland
178       Chad
179       Somalia
180       Ethiopia
181       Angola
182       Zambia
183       Lesotho
184       Mozambique
185       Malawi
186       Liberia
187       Nigeria
188       Democratic Republic of   the Congo
189       Central   African   Republic
190       Myanmar